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Parcel Receiving For VIP Membership Annual Fee – $10

  • 1 - 29lbs –> $2.00/ Parcel or Any one dimension up to 32"

  • 30 - 49lbs –> $4.00/ Parcel or Any one dimension up to 48"

  • 50 - 99lbs –> $5.00/ Parcel or Any one dimension up 72"

  • Pallet –> $30.00/ Pallet

  • Tires –> $5.00
  • Parcel Receiving Regular Member No Annual Fee

  • 1 - 29lbs –> $4.00/ Parcel or Any one dimension up to 32"

  • 30 - 49lbs –> $8.00/ Parcel or Any one dimension up to 48"

  • 50 - 99lbs –> $10.00/ Parcel or Any one dimension up 72"

  • Pallet –> $50.00/ Pallet

  • Tires –> $8.00/ Tire

  • Please note the following terms for our parcel receiving service:

    – Any packages shipped to us without registration will be starting at $5.00/package and the parcel maybe rejected as well.

    – You can only ship your package to the account under your name, additional pick - up person cannot be used as receiving person (Everyone should have their own account)

    – Fees include automatic email notification and Text message.

    – We accept deliveries from UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and all Freight Carriers!

    – Not responsible for parcels left over 180 days without prior arrangements.

    – Any package that is not in a shipping box has a minimum fee of $4.00 (Tires, LeafSpring, Buckets, etc.).

    – A storage fee of $0.25 per day per package ($0.50 for oversized packages) appliesto all packages not picked up after 14 days of our receipt. And storage fee of $2.00 per day per pallets after 7 days upon received.

    Package Refusal / Declining Package Acceptance

    No Package Refusal Request.

    Regrettably, we cannot accommodate package refusal requests due to the high volume of packages received simultaneously. Please be informed that we are unable to decline package acceptance on our premises.We kindly request you to contact your shipping provider or courier for refusal or reroute. Should a package be delivered to our facility, your account will be subject to a charge for receiving and retrieval, regardless of whether it was intended to be refused or not and additional service fee may apply.

    Missing/Lost Packages

    Please be aware that our facility handles a high volume of packages daily, and we cannot guarantee against package loss or assume responsibility for it. Even if a package is signed for upon receipt, please note that we often receive numerous packages simultaneously, and it may be signed in error despite not actually being received. Therefore, if you plan to purchase and store valuable items, we strongly recommend having your own insurance in place. We do not assume any responsibility for the items stored or received, and we do not have the capability to offer insurance.

    Oversized shipments are subject to additional storage and handling fee: ie. An unfold able desk, fridge, mattress, laundry machine and etc.

    A $0.25 storage fee per day will be charged on parcels not picked up 14 days after arrival

    Customers are still responsible for tracking their packages. Even in the event a confirmation email is not received unclaimed packages will still be subject to storage fees after 14 days.If someone is picking up for you, please make sure they have a copy of your invoice, tracking number, and consent.

    Please come to pick up your package after you have received the pickup notification from Mail to Border.

    All parcels are usually checked in within one to two days, except during peak season.

    If your package is been delivered, and you have not received any notification. Feel free to call us at 360-746-0952. We will be more than happy to assist you

    No annual fee : At Mail to Border, there is no annual fee to pay. However you must register an account (Free of charge) You can still send your package to us without prior registration online. However it will delay the package receiving process. (REGISTERATION IS FREE) Our staff is more than happy to register your account for you in person.


    Free email/SMS notification

    At Mail to Border, we provide free email and/or SMS notification for package arrival. To receive the email/SMS notifications, please address your packages to the following:

    Your Name on Government Issued ID
    PMB#(You will receive a PMB number once you register online or in person)
    #Your phone number
    1631 Grant Ave
    Blaine, WA 98230

    We will be able to locate your account with your phone number. We have a lot of customer with same First and Last name. Please make sure we have your correct Cell phone number and email on file for notification.

    Do I must register an account?

    You can still send your package to us with out prior registration online. However it will delay the package receiving process, and a $2.00 surcharge will apply per package. (REGISTERATION IS FREE) Our staff is more than happy to register your account for you in person.


    Please make sure you register your name with your government issued ID. Your name on ID must match what is on the package to receive your package.

    Third Party pick up

    You can get your friends or family to pick up your package only if they provide us with the tracking number and the invoice or a written consent from you.

    How to pay

    You can purchase credit in person with cash (no minimum amount) or online with credit card or Paypal at (minimum $10). You can also pay every time you pick up the package. USD Cash Only.

    Storage fee

    The parcels are stored free of charge for a period of fourteen (14) days, beyond fourteen days $0.25/day/package storage fee will be applied.

    Pallet/Freight shipments

    Regardless of size, if a package arrives on a pallet or on a freight truck, through the loading dock or access to the forklift freight handling fees/pallet fee will apply.

    Prohibited goods and restricted parcel

    NO SERVICE shall be rendered by Mail to Border for any receipt of package that is prohibited by applicable law or regulation of any federal, state, provincial, or local government in the origin or destination country. It is your responsibility to ensure that a package sent to Mail to Border does not violate any federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulations applicable to the shipment of the contents of that Package. Any packages that require proof of age, such as tobacco and alcohol, must be picked up in person with a valid photo ID to show proof of age.
    No live animals!
    We do not accept C.O.D.'s.

    Damaged packages

    If the package is badly damaged and poses a risk to our staff, we will refuse the delivery, and it will go back to the sender.


    We do not provide third party insurance. You must arranged your own insurance for storing your packages at our facility. Valuable items should always be insured against loss or damage.
    Packages and letters not picked up after 30 days will be disposed.
    Mail to Border reserve the right to refuse any package sent to our facility.